Effective Therapy is both Art & Science

I have a strong belief that no matter what health issues a patient comes to me with, they have the ability to reach their own highest level of functionality, independence and quality of life with my guidance and support.

Effective Therapy Addresses the Whole Person

The initial treatment session begins with a full, personalized assessment including pre-existing medical conditions and a multitude of other key factors such as fitness level and dietary needs. This information assists me in creating your own custom program.

Effective Therapy Customized for Your Specific Needs

Custom Therapy Solutions provides our patients with concierge service. We deliver your therapy when and where you need it.

Learn How!

By combining the western scientific method and the eastern healing methods of working with universal healing energy; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance can be achieved.

Concierge Service

1I offer custom therapy solutions that are responsive and respectful  of your individual needs. To customize your care, I will meet with you at a location of your choice or at my home office.

Manual Therapy

2Looking at the whole body, whether you are young, old, athletic, or have a disability, gives me a complete understanding of what is truly needed to create and maintain structural balance. Balancing the joints and soft tissues will increase function, optimize performance, and relieve pain.


3When the body has experienced a trauma, whether by accident or surgical intervention, bringing it back into a healthy balance and restoring optimal activity requires addressing an individual as a complete system.

Alternative Therapies

4As a highly experienced physical therapist, I have continued to train in healing techniques that supplement and enhance the benefits of structural alignment. I have found these alternative therapies to be extremely effective in completing the healing process and maintaining optimal health and a sense of well-being.

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